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 Get the workers compensation you are entitled to.

Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation laws provide money and medical benefits to workers who have been injured as a result of an accident or occupational disease on the job. The injury may have occurred as a specific incident or may have been acquired over a period of time.  


The Workers’ compensation system is designed to protect employees against hardships from injury or death that arise out of their employment. A workers’ compensation injury can be substantial and could result in full or partial disability, rendering one unable to work.


Workers' Compensation Laws are complicated. Failure to understand them could cause the loss of rights and puts the full value of your case at risk. Attorney Fernando Hidalgo welcomes the opportunity to meet with you about your workers' compensation matter, free of charge or obligation.


“When I suffered an injury on the job, my employer and their insurer tried to make it very difficult for me to get the treatment I needed. They tried to nickel and dime me on the compensation due to me.  


Then I went to Attorney Fernando Hidalgo. He explained to me what my rights were, made sure I got the treatment I needed, and got me the compensation I was legally entitled to. I strongly recommend him to those in need of a great attorney!”


- Jorge C., San Francisco, CA

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Xray

“When I suffered carpal tunnel injuries to my hands, after many years of hard work, my employer, and his insurance company, did not want to listen to my complaints.  I kept receiving letters every week, which I did not understand, but I did not receive the medical care I required.  Attorney Fernando Hidalgo took my case, and he explained the workers' compensation process to me, and then successfully negotiated with my employer and the insurance company to get the proper medical care for me.”


- Luz P., San Pablo, CA

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Xray

“When I reported my injury to my employer, he told me that he did not have workers' compensation insurance, and that I should go to my own doctor.  Attorney Fernando Hidalgo found the name of the workers' compensation insurance company who insured my employer, and filed a claim with the insurance company.  Attorney Hidalgo worked to get me the medical treatments I needed and to have my claim fairly evaluated my a medical specialist.”


- Rafael O., Oakland, CA

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