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 We advocate for your best interest when you are dealing with personal injury issues.

Personal Injury

Car accidents are the leading cause of serious and fatal injury in the United States. Unfortunately, insurance companies tend to focus on increasing their profits instead of helping the victims of these common accidents. You deserve an experienced auto accident attorney on your side who is prepared to stand up to these companies and fight to get you the total compensation you deserve.  


Attorney Garcia has years of experience getting justice for victims of serious injury. Attentive case management is combined with good old fashioned personal attention to provide our clients with the comprehensive and individualized representation they deserve. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you free of charge and obligation to answer any questions about your car accident that you may have and to help you determine the most effective course of action. 


Case:  Auto accident with serious injuries


“I suffered a major auto accident that resulted in serious injuries.  At first, I tried to resolve the case myself with the insurance company.  Boy was that a mistake.  I was then referred to Attorney Alberto Garcia.  He looked at the available records, got me the treatment I needed, dealt with the insurance company and was able to resolve my case on a very satisfactory basis.  He was very professional and competent. I strongly recommend his services.”


- Maria P., Redwood City , CA

Case: Auto accident


“Attorney Garcia provides attentive and personalized service. I was very happy with the results.”


- Jacinto L., San Francisco, CA

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