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 We translate the complexities of the
Immigration system for you.

Immigration Law


We have been very successful in many difficult cases and have earned the respect of immigration judges and fellow practitioners alike.

We have successfully handled court cases involving:


Immigrant relative petitions (green card petitions)

Fiancé visa petitions

National Visa Center Processing

Provisional and regular Waivers

Asylum applications

Embassy interview preparation

Adjustment of status

DACA Renewals

S, T, U visa applications

VAWA petitions

Court matters

Reopening cases

Removal (deportation) defense

Withholding of removal


Cancellation of removal

BIA appeals

Federal court appeals

Immigration law is ever-evolving and complex. An individual not trained in the complexities of the law is well is better off getting professional help.

Please visit our News section to see the latest reporting on Immigration Law to stay up to date. 


“After many years of being in the U.S. without permission, my wife and I dared to see if I could normalize my situation.  They sent us to Attorney Hector Chinchilla.  He interviewed us, developed a plan to normalize my situation and helped us with the entire process.  He obtained an illegal presence waiver for us and remained watchful while I was out of the country.  When problems arose at the Embassy, we called him and he guided us.  My family is now together once again and we can advance here.  We couldn’t have done it without the Hector’s help.  We recommend him.”

- Jaime N., San Francisco, CA

"When I got to Attorney Chinchilla I was facing deportation.  The Attorney paid close attention to my history and the needs of my family. He listened to me with great attention, interviewed witnesses, collected the evidence in my favor, obtained the assistance of needed experts, presented my case in court and won.  Today I am a permanent resident and travel freely without limitation.  I could not have done this without the Attorney’s help."

- Celso J., San Francisco, CA

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