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Testimonials from our Clients

in the Bay Area

Most knowledgable, efficient and ethical attorney I have ever had!

"I was referred to Attorney Chinchilla when a former attorney let me know, after a year of handling my case, that the matter was out of his league.

Hector quickly assessed the situation, got a handle on where the pitfalls were, and where the greatest potential exposure to all was. He litigated the case to the extent required and then structured a complicated settlement involving various parties and made sure my exposure was minimized.


He did all this and resolved the case in less time than it took my former lawyer to figure out the case was beyond his level of expertise."

- James,  San Francisco, CA

He has assisted me in my efforts to get ahead.

“I’ve known Attorney Chinchilla for many years. I’ve always referred people to him who needed good representation. During all that, he took an interest in my situation and developed a plan so I could protect myself and get a work permit.”

- Miguel G., San Francisco, CA

Great attorney, wonderful guy.

“Far superior to anyone else we consulted with. This guy is incredibly thorough and detailed. The preparation for our immigration case was spectacular. He is aware of and sensitive to absolutely every issue. Great attorney, wonderful guy. Thank you for everything Hector.”

- Mark, San Francisco

Excellent Attorney

“Attorney Chinchilla efficiently got an immigrant visa for me plus an unlawful presence waiver. He let me know what was going on in every step of my case. I was reunited with my family without a long wait. Thank you.”

- Jose, San Francisco

Green Card based on same sex marriage in only 8 months.

“Hector J. Chinchilla did a wonderful job in getting my green card in only 8 months from the first day I had my consultation with him. Throughout the whole process I was always advice and informed of each stage of my case and with excellent suggestions and instructions on how to to follow up my responsibilities to provide appropriate documentation.


Also I was directed to accomplish specific tasks such medical examination, biometrics and he was very good in preparing us for our interview with the immigration officer. Last, he always informed me promptly of all decisions that were made by USCIS that affected my case. I am really happy to have put my case in his hands.”

- Rodrigo, San Francisco

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