Democrats tried to speak Spanish at the debate. How'd they do?

CNN June 27, 2019

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According to census data collected in the American Community Survey, 21.3% of people in the United States speak a language other than English at home. Most of those, 13.2% of people in the United States, speak Spanish at home.

It's larger percentages in some key Democratic states, such as California, which moved its primary to earlier in the process for 2020, and 28.7% of people speak Spanish at home.

O'Rourke made some notable errors, however. For example, he used masculine adjectives to describe "economy" and "democracy," which are feminine nouns in Spanish and he used the verb "to vote" before correcting himself and using the Spanish word for voter.

When asked what he would do on Day One of his presidency if elected, Booker replied in Spanish, "The situation right now is unacceptable. This president has attacked, has demonized immigrants -- it's unacceptable and I will change this one."